• Almost 13 years’ ago, Qonlab was created in the course of a restructuring project as Trust Communications segmented its activities and evolved from the original platform as a marketing and event agency into the new Trust Crossmedia.

    Typical Trust Crossmedia activities were very much focussed on design and production of cross-media communications with some very complex marketing and event projects.

    Over time, it became clear that traditional tools such as Excel or media management databases were no longer capable of dealing with the complex requirements.

    This was, on the one hand, due to the increase in the number of projects, and, on the other, in their intrinsically increased complexity.

    With all of this background, we took the decision to commence programming our own tools – we analysed our own processed, worked with clients on theirs, and started an investment programme. By making use of available solutions and investing heavily into new ones, the system has taken shape.

    In 2006, the following was recognisable:

    1. Our management instruments are heterogeneous and often overlap each other

    2. Marketing and event projects require a high level of project flexibility but can be well-structures with the right tools

    3. In the course of the past decade, we have amassed a huge number of concepts, specifications and solutions that help us manage and understand our projects better.

    Hence the idea – time to reorganise our offerings and build a new company that doesn’t try to run projects but rather helps companies run their own better. With standards. With intelligence. With their own software solutions.